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Exerciţiu intercultural în pavilionul României la Shanghai - mesaje cuburi

Traducerea în engleză a principalelor mesaje lăsate de vizitatorii expoziţiei de cuburi “Play Space” de la pavilionul României

  1. I hope Romania will get better and better.
  2. Friendship will last forever. Guangdong Province
  3. I hope Romania would be prosperous.
  4. Wish you happiness and health!
  5. Good country
  6. Wish the parents are healthy.
  7. Wish the word is peaceful.
  8. I had a great time at your pavilion.
  9. Romanian are good dancers and singers.
  10. Expo is wonderful.
  11. For Romania with love.
  12. Peace, Generosity and Love.
  13. Wish all the people in the world are healthy!
  14. Romania and China- best friends!
  15. Wish everything goes well.
  16. Romania welcomes you, China welcomes you, The world welcomes you!
  17. I thank my daughter for bringing me to the Romanian Pavilion.
  18. Friendship between Romania and China last forever.
  19. I love Romania.
  20. The artistic performances are great and I thank you for this.
  21. Good luck to Romania, Good luck to China!
  22. This is wonderful! Romania Expo Shanghai
  23. The performances are great and thank you.
  24. I had a great time at your pavilion.
  25. I wish Romania to get more beautiful.
  26. I wish all the dreams come true.
  27. Romania and China are friends.
  28. I like Romania.
  29. Wish you a big success at the Shanghai Expo.
  30. I danced today and I had great time.
  31. Romania and Chinese are family.
  32. I danced. I felt the Romanian passion and they conveyed me joy and happiness.
  33. Wish the Romanians are happy forever.
  34. I am happy for being at the Expo.
  35. I love Greenopolis.
  36. I really enjoyed Romanian food.
  37. I wish I can visit Romania someday.
  38. Romania here I come.
  39. One of the most exciting pavilion from EXPO.
  40. Congratulations.
  41. Romanian people are very nice.
  42. Thank you Greenopolis.
  43. Great dances.
  44. I am happy for being at the Expo.
  45. I love Romanian food.
  46. Nice Pavilion.
  47. I like Romania.