Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Human Rights

To Romania, just as to the European Union, observance of human rights is a foreign policy priority.

Under the Constitution, Romania is a democratic and social state ruled by law. In the spirit of the Romanian people’s democratic traditions and of the December 1989 Revolution, Romania cherishes and guarantees, as supreme values, human dignity, civil rights and freedoms, the free development of human personality, justice and political pluralism.

Romania has ratified most of the universal and European human rights treaties. Under article 20 of the Constitution of Romania:

Constitutional provisions on civil rights and freedoms shall be interpreted and applied in agreement with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the covenants and the other treaties Romania is a party to.

In case there are differences between the covenants and treaties on fundamental human rights to which Romania is a party and the domestic laws, international regulations shall prevail, except where the Constitution or domestic laws contain more favourable provisions.

Starting from these principles, Romania has been acting internationally for the establishment of strong institutions to defend human rights. Alongside the EU partner states, in 2006 Romania contributed to the setting up of the UN Human Rights Council.

Romania was elected a member of the Council for a two-year term over 2006-2008. Between June 2007 and June 2008, this country was the first EU member state to hold the presidency of the Human Rights Council since its creation. Moreover, Romania is running for another term in 2011-2014.