Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Organization of Domestic Events

Addressing variegated categories of audiences, MFA organizes home events for the public in Romania, be they native or international, having as common element the interest for diplomatic activity, foreign policy and international relations.

Conferences, forums, debates, educational programmes – diplomacy courses and book release, as well as actions supporting the domestic communication activity are events seeking to spur interest and preoccupation for diplomatic activity, to explain foreign policy themes and actions, and to encourage public debate, public information, opening communication channels between Romanian and foreign diplomats, as well as between the MFA team and the non-governmental environment.

Thus, first organized in 2003, the MFA Cup has in time become the most popular public event of the diplomatic community of Bucharest; Romanian and foreign diplomats compete in soccer, basketball, court and table tennis events.

A further significant domestic event developed over 2010 is the organization, in partnership with the USA Embassy in Bucharest, of an information campaign for the Romanian citizens requesting a temporary visa (tourism, studies, business, etc.) to visit the United States of America. MFA and the USA Embassy made public relevant information and useful advice regarding the procedure for obtaining the temporary American visa, and explained the evaluation criteria of eligibility for a USA visa.