Ministry of Foreign Affairs



MFA Campaigns

MFA is regularly launching public diplomacy campaigns in an endeavour to define Romania within public space and to help accomplishing this country’s foreign policy objectives.

Along this line, in the autumn of 2008, against the background of a growing negative image of Romania in Italy, MFA set out the Piazza di Romania public diplomacy campaign. Under the slogan “Romania: un mondo da scoprire” (Romania: a world to discover), the campaign sought to offer Italians and Romanians the opportunity to take part together in cultural and artistic events, in outdoor events, as well as in several conferences and seminaries meant to highlight both the close bonds between Romanians and Italians in point of common values, joys, interests and preoccupations as well as the mutual benefit that the citizens of the two states enjoy precisely on account of things they have in common.

In 2009, the programme for the National Day took up the topic particularly developed at European level: commemoration of 20 years since the fall of communism. Through its embassies, MFA carried out the project “RO20: Romania 1989-2009”, the objective of which was to impart the positive developments Romania recorded over the past 20 years, its contributions and assets to the European and Euro-Atlantic space. Romanian and foreign speakers conversant with the Romanian space presented these developments on conferences while MFA provided audio-visual materials put together through partnership agreements and sponsorship: photography shows, multi-media montages, testimonials of leaders in various fields of activity. The programme will continue over the whole year 2010.

Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translates its foreign policy priorities into topics for public diplomacy actions within the programmes it carries out annually: celebration of Europe’s Day, of the International Day of Francophony, as well as holidays of the Romanian people meant to bring to the fore things related to the Romanian spirit and contemporaneity: National Day, Heroes’ Day, March First.