Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Regional and Subregional Cooperation Structures

The scope of Romanian diplomacy in the regional cooperation processes in Central and Southeastern Europe is best reflected in its participation in various cooperation formats in the Western Balkans:

As well as in other regions – such as Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia:

The active participation of Romania in these complex and diverse formats is backed by its geostrategic vocation to have a voice in the Central East European region as well as in the enlarged area of the Black Sea – Caucasus – Central Asia region, extending, in a broader context, towards the Greater Middle East region.

In June 2009, Romania became an Observer country at the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). The Council of the Baltic Sea States is an overall political forum for regional inter-governmental cooperation. Romania aims to contribute at enhancing cooperation on cross-cutting issues relevant to the respective cooperation frameworks.

Romania aims to turn the Black Sea area into geography of real cooperation, security and stability through the mutual reinforcement of the following six components:

Furthermore, trilateral and cross-border cooperation under the Euro-regions provide a suitable framework conducive for developing and diversifying cooperation projects.


  • Increased involvement of EU in the region, by launching projects in the framework of the Black Sea Synergy;
  • Strengthened and efficient Black Sea Economic Cooperation;
  • Enhanced role for the Black Sea Euro-region;
  • Strengthened bilateral dialogue with countries in the region;
  • Projecting the goals of the Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership;
  • Cooperation with the Black Sea Trust (an initiative of German Marshall Fund of the US).