Ministry of Foreign Affairs



A chronology of Romania – NATO relationship


July 1990 – the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Petre Roman extends an invitation to NATO Secretary General, Mr. Manfred Wörner, to visit Romania. The letter also suggests the accreditation of a Romanian Ambassador to NATO.

October 1990 – the Romanian Ambassador to Belgium is authorised to initiate diplomatic relations with NATO.

October 1990 – Romanian Prime Minister meets NATO Secretary General in Brussels.

December 1990 - Romanian military Chief of Staff visits NATO Headquarters in Brussels, meets NATO Secretary General and the permanent military representatives of the NATO Member States.  


July 1991 – NATO Secretary General Manfred Wörner visits Romania.

October 1991 - Romanian President Ion Iliescu sends a message to NATO Secretary General stating Romania’s willingness to engage in a close cooperation with NATO, as the latter is the sole organization capable, from the political and military point of view, to ensure the stability and security of the emerging European democracies.

December 1991 – The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs attends the first meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC). He proposes to intensify cooperation with NATO.   


 February 1992 - NATO Secretary General Manfred Wörner visits Romania. The Euro-Atlantic centre is inaugurated.


February 1993 – President Ion Iliescu visits NATO Headquarters. Romania’s desire to integrate into the Euro-Atlantic structures is reaffirmed.

October 1993 - US Deputy Defence Secretary visits Bucharest and presents the US proposal on setting up a Partnership for Peace.


January 1994 - Romania is the first post-communist country to join the Partnership for Peace programme (January 26, 1994); its individual programme is signed in May 1995


October 1995 - Romania signs the "Status of Forces Agreement" between the NATO members and the participants to PfP.