Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Diplomatic Archives

The Diplomatic Archives is one of the earliest departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, operating as a distinct functional structure since the very setting-up of the ministry in 1862. This department is empowered to coordinate and control the whole activity of organising, processing, conservating and capitalizing the existing document stocks (over 8,000 ?) at the level of the MFA Central as well as at that of Romania’s diplomatic missions and consular offices.

Boasting a priceless document stock and a busy activity in the sphere of public diplomacy, the Diplomatic Archives is one of the most sought after institutions in terms of scientific research.Carried out according to Law 16/1996 on National Archives, the researchers’ activity takes place in the reading hall of the Historical Archives, the hours allowing for the study in proper conditions of an important number of records, as well as for accomplishing major documentary works.

The tradition of publishing editions of diplomatic documents has been resumed, many of them in cooperation with foreign partners, offering thus an important documentary support to MFA leadership in the process of decision-making, and contributing to the spur-up of cultural and diplomatic relations with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs from other countries.