Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Supporting and promoting energy security goals

MFA works with other national institutions with relevant responsibilities to promote abroad the goals related to energy security.

The main activities focus upon:

  • Monitoring and promoting energy security issues;
  • Supporting, by specific means and instruments, the materialization of national energy objectives, in direct cooperation with other institutions and government structures having relevant competencies;
  • Promoting the concept of energy diplomacy by facilitating, supporting and identifying new opportunities, based on external actions and initiatives;
  • Supporting the European Union objectives and projects aiming at achieving energy security and developing a stable economic environment, with special emphasis on climate change mitigation;
  • Promoting the European Energy Strategy objectives with regard to security of supply, higher internal market competitiveness and support for sustainable energy;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the decisions of the Prague Summit Declaration on the Southern Corridor, of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, as well as of the conclusions of the 4 February 2011 European Council;
  • Active involvement in the accomplishment of major energy projects, in Central and South Eastern Europe (Nabucco gas pipeline and the Pan European Oil Pipeline) and supporting additional proposals, such as building an LNG terminal in Constanta harbour and the interconnection of the national natural gas transport systems with those of neighbouring countries.
  • Supporting the activity of Romanian institutions in the framework of Working Groups / committees / other interdepartmental or interstate structures related to the energy issues, such as the High Level Group on the North-South Corridor, set up on the initiative of the European Commission in order to develop interconnections in the sectors of natural gas, electricity and oil, and develop regional cooperation in central and Eastern Europe in expanding and integrating energy networks, diversifying routes and sources with a view to consolidating supply security and promoting market growth.