Press Conferences

Trilateral Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Poland, Romania and Turkey

Varșovia, Polonia

Joint Press Statement

We have gathered in Warsaw to share views on a range of security challenges and threats to the Euro-Atlantic area and to discuss our contribution to addressing them.

Earlier today, we have met with Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO. Our discussion proved once again that – as Allies – we are strongly united for the common purpose, which is the indivisible security of all NATO member countries.

We have firmly acknowledged the crucial role of the North Atlantic Alliance in preserving peace and stability in and around Europe. Present security environment requires full engagement from all NATO members in the spirit of unity and solidarity and further strengthening of the vital transatlantic bond in order for NATO to remain ready to counter all threats and challenges, wherever they may arise.

We have underlined the special importance of decisions adopted at the NATO Warsaw Summit, in July 2016, and expressed determination to continue to work actively to implement them fully within the deadlines established at the Summit. In this respect, we have stressed the key importance of the Allied forward presence on the Eastern flank, as a part of the overall collective effort to strengthen NATO’s defense and deterrence posture.

NATO should continue its approach to Russia as agreed at the Wales and Warsaw Summits. The Alliance responded to a changed security environment by enhancing its deterrence and defence posture while remaining open to political dialogue with Russia, based on reciprocity and with a view to increasing transparency and predictability. It will continue to closely follow large scale maneuvers in NATO’s vicinity and their implications on regional security. We will also continue to provide active support to our partners - Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, with a focus on increasing their security and defence capacities and their resilience.

We also reiterated our firm and principled position that we will not recognize the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea. We expressed our concern with the worsening of the security situation in Donbas and we condemned the ongoing attacks by the so-called separatist militants on the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission. We expect full adherence by all parties to the Minsk Agreements, implementation of which is the only viable path to the resolution of the situation in Ukraine, based on its territorial integrity and international law. We follow the situation in Donbas and Crimea, as well as in Abkhazia and South Ossetia with concern, call for respect for national sovereignty of every country and urge Russia for a constructive role.

We have also underscored the seriousness of threats coming from the South. We have expressed our support for the decision on NATO accession to the Global Coalition, adopted at the Special Meeting in Brussels, in May 2017. Our common goal should be to unify our efforts in fighting terrorism, in accordance with the principles of solidarity among Allies and of indivisibility of Allied security.

Aware of the importance and value of regional security cooperation, we reiterate our commitment to further deepen the dialogue and consultations in this format, as a means to foster regional cooperation and to contribute to fulfilling NATO’s objectives and missions.

We are looking forward to the 2018 NATO Summit as an opportunity to continue the adaptation of the Alliance, including its military posture, in order to meet properly all security threats and challenges we face.