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10 years since Romania joined the European Union

Press release

"On January 1st, 2017, we celebrate 10 years since Romania became a member of the European Union, a great historical moment that marked the full return to the democratic world and the beginning of Romania's participation in the European decision-making as a EU Member State.

This decade was a great period of modernisation and social and economic development for Romania, for improving the life quality of Romanian citizens, as well as for capitalization of the integration on the European Single Market. The experience we've had so far also highlights that Romania still what it takes to better and more efficiently exploit the benefits of it being a member of the EU.

During all this time, Romania was among the most active promoters of pursuing and reinforcing the European integration process. The firm commitment and contribution to the efforts aiming to identify solutions to the challenges faced by the EU are recognised as such by our partners and confirm the role that Romania plays nowadays within the European family.

The further reinforcement of the European integration is Romania's strategic objective. Romania will be in favour of reinforcing the EU coherence, of a joint and inclusive approach at European level, based on defining and pursuing actual objectives, in agreement with the interests of the European citizens.

Romania has the will and capacity to contribute to the EU's revival efforts. It is all the more in the Romania's interest for this 10th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome to confirm a stronger, more united and more cohesive Union, that guards the values and principles which ensured, over time, the sustainable foundation of the European construction."