Neighbourhood of Interest to Romania as EU Member …

Western Balkans

Supporting the European and Euro-Atlantic path of the Western Balkan states is one of the major priorities of the Romanian foreign policy. Romania’s status as an EU and NATO member and the vicinity of the Western Balkans render necessary a special relationship between Bucharest and those states.

All Western Balkan states have an institutionalized relationship with the EU, subordinated to the Stabilisation and Association Process. On 1 July 2013, Croatia became the 28th Member State of the EU. Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are candidate countries, whereas Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for the status of candidate country is being analysed by the European Commission. Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have all signed Stabilisation and Association Agreements with the EU.

As far as the Euro-Atlantic dimension is concerned, Croatia and Albania became NATO members in 2009, following an invitation to join the organization at the Bucharest Summit in 2008. Montenegro will soon become a full member of the Alliance, once all 28 Allies have ratified the Accession Protocol.