Neighbourhood of Interest to Romania as EU Member …

The Black Sea Region

The main objective of the Black Sea Synergy is to build up cooperation in the Black Sea region. It offers the guidelines for the implementation of concrete and pragmatic projects of cooperation between wider Black Sea region states and the EU, in areas such as: democracy, human rights, good governance, border management, protracted conflicts, energy, transports, environment, maritime policy, fishing, migration, education, research and development ( /world/enp/pdf/com07_160_en.pdf).

Romania is actively committed to the implementation of the Synergy through the development of sectoral partnerships, as suggested in the Report on the first year of implementation of the Black Sea Synergy and to other pragmatic projects that benefit the region and the EU. Between 2009-2010, in collaboration with the European Commission and other member states interested in the region, Romania has developed the concept of a sectoral partnership on environment, which was officially launched on 16 March 2010, in Brussels, on the margins of the Environmental Council meeting, with the participation of the environment ministers from regional states and member states’ representatives. The process of turning the Partnership functional is currently led by the European Commission. Regional projects for the preservation of the environment will count on EU funds, voluntary contributions from member states and from financial international institutions.

Building upon a rich experience of joining forces with the civil society from the Black Sea region (during 2006-2007), Romania, through the MFA, initiated the Black Sea NGO Forum in fruitful partnership with the Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations in Romania (FOND) and theBlack Sea Trust. Adding to its task as initiator, Romania also assumed the role of main donor of the two editions of this Forum (2008, 2009). It actively seeks the official recognition by the EU of the Forum as part of the implementation of the Black Sea Synergy. The political and financial support granted by the European Commission Representation in Bucharest for the 2009 edition and the agreement to support the 2010 edition are highly appreciated by the MFA and the other partners involved in this initiative.

Romania underlines the importance of moving on to a straightforward, concrete delineation and complementarity between the principles of implementation of the Black Sea Synergy and the multilateral dimension of the Eastern Partnership, as stated in various political declarations of the EU. These two European initiatives are now in the phase of implementation of the projects and the recommendations proposed in the networks established under their aegis, both at regional and macro-regional levels.