The 5th anniversary of Romania’s accession to NATO

 On March 31, 2009, the Romanian Parliament adopted, by unanimous vote of both chambers, a Declaration occasioned by NATO’s 60th anniversary and Romania's 5th anniversary of its accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.

This statement acknowledges the gains of NATO membership felt in everyday life, as well as the positive changes in democratic consolidation, especially with respect to the rule of law, to the economic and social progress of our country.

The Declaration commended the exemplary work and dedication of Romanian soldiers deployed in operation theatres, as well as the utmost confidence of the Romanian society in NATO’s values. The 5th anniversary of NATO membership  confirms Romania as a respected member of the Euro-Atlantic family and the  new opportunities and benefits for Romanian citizens. Thus, having reached full maturity as a NATO member, Romania is aware that its priority is to make full use of this status through an increased contribution to NATO's evolution.