Development Cooperation Policy

Legal Framework

Law 404/2006, in force since 26 November 2006, and Government Decision (GD) no. 747/2007, in force since 2 August 2007 constitute the legal framework regulating ODA activities. 

Law no. 404/2006 on financing the development cooperation policy, adopted by the Romanian Parliament on 17 October 2006, establishes the legal framework for ODA financing from the state budget through the MFA’s budget. 

Specific ODA actions are regulated by Government Decision (GD) no. 747/2007 adopted on 2 August 2007. According to this document, the types of assistance the Romanian Government can provide are:

  • technical assistance (services, supplies and works supporting the development process of partner countries);
  • financial support (financial grants and debt relief for developing countries);
  • humanitarian assistance (emergency aid granted in case of disasters and prolonged armed conflicts);
  • assistance for development education and public awareness activities (activities to promote better understanding of problems facing developing states and to increase public opinion support for the national development cooperation policy).