European Affairs

Priorities of Romania in the EU

The Lisbon Treaty offers new possibilities for action at EU level. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will use these opportunities to strengthen Romania's profile in the EU at all levels.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry will actively promote Romania’s accession to the Schengen area în March 2011 in order to ensure complete freedom of movement for the Romanian citizens. The Romanian Foreign Ministry gives special importance to the objectives of the full access of the Romanian workers to the EU labour market and to Romania’s accession to the Eurozone.

The debates on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy, the EU policies with the most important financial allocations, will precede the negotiations on the future EU financial perspective (2013-2020). Romania is interested in the preservation of the same level of EU funds for agriculture after 2013 and in the reduction of the economic disparities among the Member States, in order to support the economic growth forseen in the recently adopted Strategy Europe 2020.

The EU Danube Strategy proposes a new model of regional cooperation and involves the basin states in the re-launching of economic partnerships and in  supporting projects with transnational impact. From this perspective, the MFA will continue to support the efforts of all the stakeholders, encouraging both local initiatives and the civil society’s involvement. The European Commission will  mediate the regional dialogue and monitor the implementation of the Strategy alongside the Danube countries in the region, insuring the coordination with Community policies and programs for integrated development.

We will also promote our interests in relation to the new European energy strategy 2011 - 2020. A common energy policy entails infrastructure development, greater interconnectivity in the EU and the diversification of sources and routes.

2010 is crucial for the Nabucco project, a project that will contribute to the EU objective of diversification and which will lead to the development of a regional energy market. We also stress the importance of green technologies, as a solution to energy security and economic competitiveness.

MFA will encourage active involvement of Romanian institutions and stakeholders in the European Platform for the Social Inclusion of the Roma.