EU Institutions

European External Action Service

 The European External Action Service is a new EU institution, set up by the Lisbon Treaty [link secţiune TL sau textul TL]. The Service will start its activity in December 2010, with focus on strengthening the coherence and visibility of the EU external action.

The Service will support the High Representative, who is also a Vice-President of the Commission and the President of the Foreign Affairs Council, in fulfilling her mandate to conduct the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and to ensure the consistency of the EU's external action. The EEAS will also assist the President of the European Council, the European Commission and its President in fulfilling their task related to the external relations of the Union.

The EEAS shall be made up of a central administration, based in Brussels, and of the Union delegations to third countries and to international organisations. The EEAS will cooperate with, and complement (not replace) the activity of the diplomatic and consular services of the EU member states. The value of the Service will derive, in particular, from pooling together many of the various levers of influence of the Union – instruments of economic and political cooperation, civilian and military instruments of crisis management – under the authority of one person, the High Representative, and in the service of a single, coherent policy.