Migration and asylum

External dimension of migration policy

In order to ensure EU”s policy coherence in migration field, the december 2005 European Council adopted the Global Approach on Migration. This concept integrates migration, external relations and development policy, introducing a global and comprehensive approach on migration in partnership with third countries.

The Global Approach on Migration is the most consistent and concrete expression of the strong relation between Justice and Home Affairs and EU”s external relation. This concept defines the adequate european instruments by which the EU can face the current international challenges in the field of migration. (http://www.consilium.europa.eu/ueDocs/cms_Data/docs/pressData/en/ec/87642.pdf)

The main instruments of the Global Approach on Migration are the cooperation platforms in the field of migration and development, tools which brings together EU”s member states, European Commission, third countries concerned and international organisations active in the field of migration. These instruments facilitate information exchange at local level and are intended to coordinate existing or future projects in the fied of migration and development. (http://www.consilium.europa.eu/ueDocs/cms_Data/docs/pressData/en/ec/92202.pdf)

Romania initiated at european level the concept of a Cooperation Platform at Black Sea in the fied of migration and development. The countries concerned by this initiative are Republic of Moldova, Ucraine, Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia.

The launching of this Platform was approved by Justice and Home Affairs Council the  and General Affairs and External Relations Council in June 2007, endorsed by the European Council in June 2007, and politically reconfirmed by the Justice and Home Affairs Council and General Affairs and External Relations Council in June 2008.

Romania promoted constantly the need of launching of technical projects in order to offer a concrete framework fort the Cooperation Platform at the Black Sea in the field of migration and development. In this respect, Romania transmitted in June 2010, to European Commission, for financing,  a regional project concerning legal migration in the Black Sea region. The project is currently under evaluation by the European Commission.