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Press statement by Secretary General Robert Cazanciuc on the events in Algeria

Press release
Robert Cazanciuc, MFA Secretary-General
Press statement
MFA, Gafencu Room

Yesterday morning the Embassy of Romania in Algiers informed MFA Headquarters about the events of an armed type taking place in the eastern part of Algeria, close to the border with Libya, where there is an oil facility operated by a multinational company.

According to the information provided by the Algerian authorities and by diplomatic missions accredited to Algiers, an unspecified number of citizens from several states, Romania included, employed by the respective company, are held hostage by the perpetrators of the armed attack.

Following the information received from Algiers, the Foreign Minister decided on setting up a MFA Crisis Cell, which keeps permanently in touch with the relevant Romanian authorities. The Embassy of Romania in Algiers is part of a monitoring and support group established at the level of diplomatic missions accredited to Algiers.

The Algerian ambassador to Bucharest has been summoned to the MFA to the end  of establishing the most adequate forms of cooperation.

Given the specificity of the case, as well as the fact that the main concern of the Romanian authorities remains the safety of the citizens, at this moment we cannot supply further details.

We urge the media, as in any crisis situation, to make proof of understanding in approaching this topic . This is not just a formal call, it is really important that the information aired should come only from official sources, so as not to jeopardize the forms of support in this situation.

Thank you very much.