Press Conferences

Press Statement

Andrei Marga, Minister of Foreign Affairs
MAE, Gafencu Room

The latest events on the Romanian political stage are but the expression of a democratic parliamentary exercise and are meant to bring the functioning of our most prominent political institutions back to their constitutional ground. These events are taking place within the democratic framework of the Parliament.

During the political debates, the independence of institutions has never been questioned. The letter as well as the spirit of specific legislation have been observed. The Parliament is only seeking a direct correlation between the new parliamentary majority and the Chambers’ chairmanship, as provided by their internal regulations. The new Executive relies upon the political configuration of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Therefore, it was only natural for that new distribution of political power within the Legislative to find a proper reflection in the leadership of the Parliament.

The independence of the Romanian judicial system has never been and never will be questioned. Furthermore, the current government coalition has no intention to influence or affect the work of the Constitutional Court or to revoke its members.

Romania stands irreversibly attached to the democratic values ​​which underpin our membership in the European Union and NATO. The Romanian democracy is mature enough to responsibly and wisely address all inevitable problems pertaining to the democratic process of adapting to a dynamic political reality.